EC&I 831: Declare Myself


I have put this off all week.  What do I say? How do I say it? How much do I want to share?  Here we go, time to jump in and declare myself for EC&I 831.

1731My name is Shannon Sanchuck.  I am currently on an education leaving working on classes seven, eight, and nine towards my Master’s In Curriculum and Instruction.  When I am not on leave, I teach grade 2 at Jack MacKenzie School in Regina.  I have two wonderful daughters ages 9 and 7.

My Current Level Of Technology

I like to play and explore so for the most part I find technology interesting and fun .  I have taken two other online classes.  One was very useful and showed me many tools like Prezi, Voicethread and  Jing.  Here is the link to my blog for that class.  I love learning how to use all the tools but the challenging (and sometimes frustrating) part is to figure out how/if/when/why to use these tools in the classroom.

My Current Practice/History With Technology In Teaching & Learning

I find that I struggle with this question: What do I want my students to DO with technology?


I want them to do all the “right” things.  I believe that technology should be used in the classroom.  I just struggle with “how” should we do this.  I think that teachers and parents struggle with how rapidly things are changing and we are not sure what our kids should be doing with technology.  I made this Voicethread with my grade 2 students after we had a discussion about what they did on the Internet.  We aren’t always aware of children’s online activities.  We need to teach kids to use technology as a positive tool.

I have blogged with my students using a few different sites. I have faced many challenges and celebrations when blogging with grade 2 students. That can be a post for another time! I also maintain a blog for our families so that they can see what is happening in our classroom.

My school has recently purchased a class set of IPADs that we can sign out.  I have used them a few times in my classroom for different centres.  I have had students use some of the apps for math and language arts as well as some have used the camera to document some of the things we are doing.  The IPADs are still new and I haven’t quite figured out how to incorporated their use into my practice.

My Opinion On The  Usefulness Of Social Media


I learned a bit about Twitter while taking an online grad class.  One of my classmates raved about it and told us all to sign up.  I signed up and felt like a fish out of water.  What was I to do?   I have slowly started building a PLN on Twitter.  I find myself retweeting and lurking more than posting tweets of my own.  I do see the benefit of Twitter.  I find I have a lot of information at my finger tips at all times.  My network has already grown since the first week of this class.  Twitter is a bit addicting  so I feel like I should be limiting the amount of time I spend exploring.

Social media helped me with a community project that my class was  involved in last year. This community project involved three schools in our area trying to raise money for a splash park.  I created a blog with my students to document our journey so people could see the progress we were making along the way.  This was an example of using social media in a positive way.

My Goal For This Class

For this class I would like to figure out how and why I am doing what I am doing.  It seems like I am always asking myself these types of questions and constantly reflecting.  I want to learn how to use tools in my classroom in a meaningful and relevant way.  I would like to expand my PLN network. I think that by expanding my network, I can see how others are incorporating technology into their practice.  I would like to discover things I didn’t know before and this is already happening through conversations with classmates. Reflection is a powerful thing!

Thank you for reading and I’m looking forward to our EC&I journey!


2 thoughts on “EC&I 831: Declare Myself

  1. I love your graphic “What do you want kids to do with technology?” Did you make it? I would like to share it. I have been on this journey myself for a few years and the questions you ask are exactly what I have asked myself. I think we’re both on the right path to answering those questions. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Shannon,

    A great first post. I also like the graphic about what you want kids to do with technology. I guess we’ll see and hear about each other quite a bit, as we are taking two classes together. Enjoy your educational leave, I’m thinking of doing the same next fall.

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