Digital Media Project

This project is driving me crazy!  There are so many things that I want to do. I need to ensure that whatever I choose, I find the time to do it well.

Originally, I thought that I could blog about different web 2.0 tools.  This would give me a chance to play and explore.  Next, I thought I could take a MOOC on Digital Learning Transitions.   This looks like a great PD opportunity for myself and my colleagues, however, I am not sure that I have the time to invest in this now.  I was intrigued to see that one of my classmates had signed up to do acrylic painting as part of the #learningproject.  I need to find something fun and out of my comfort zone.  Right now I am leaning towards an online cake decorating class.  I am not a baker. I am not a cake decorator.  My kids have never had a homemade birthday cake.  Do you know how easy it is to just go and order one from a grocery store?  My oldest daughter turns 10 at the end of November.  Maybe it is time for me to bake and decorate a cake for her.  This is what I am thinking now.  I am battling a case of strep throat so I will wait until I am cured before I get started….if this is what I decide to do!

Here is a cake that I made for my husband three years ago.  My kids thought it looked boring so they put this nice, big, blue jewel on it!  I would really impress them if I took this class. Impressing your kids is what it’s all about, right???



2 thoughts on “Digital Media Project

  1. Shannon – have you decided on your learning project yet? Are you going with the cake decorating class? If so, I’m curious to know how something like cake decorating translates to an online class. Is the class all just videos? Are there forums for people to talk about their successes and failures in the world of cake decorating? Can’t wait to hear how it works out, if you decide to go with this!

  2. Hi Katia, I’ve decided to switch it up! I’m just doing some research to see if what I want to do has already been done! I will keep you posted! So, no cake for my daughter! lol Shannon

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