A few weeks ago Alec Couros was presenting to our EC & I 831 class.  He had us watch a few videos that he had shortened using TubeChop.  I decided that I needed to try this out it and it is so easy.  All you do is take a video from Youtube and past the URL into Tubechop.  You mark the time that you want the video to start and stop. Simple!

Screenshot (43)

I used a video of my daughter singing  We’re All In This Together.

I will definitely use this tool in my classroom!  It is a great editing tool.  I think sometimes I turn the video off because I don’t know where things are going.  Now I can capture more moments knowing I can chop out what I don’t want or need.

Have you used Tubechop? 

What tools do you use to edit videos?


4 thoughts on “Tubechop

  1. Shannon, I also thought Tubechop was very cool after seeing Alec show it to us. Many a time have I wanted to show a video and thought there was part of it that was either unnecessary or inappropriate. I used Tubechop last week in my class to show a video. I have two complaints and maybe you or others reading this blog can help me out. I couldn’t get the video to enlarge to full screen like you can on youtube. And there isn’t a way to chop parts of the video from the middle. You can only chop from the start or the end. What I ended up doing is having two tabs open, one with the beginning and one with the ending and I chopped part of the middle. I’m not sure if there’s a better way to do this. However, I definitely think this is a useful tool and am hoping that either I just didn’t figure out the secret or they will update this at some point.

  2. I have never used Tubechop but after seeing Alec, I probably will in the future. To edit videos, I usually download the videos and then edit them using iMovie. This is usually for videos I want to use over and over again or if I am making a video montage.

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