Who Knew?

I am constantly amazed with the tools that are being created today.  My jaw is forever hanging open.  I love sharing these tools with people and watching their expressions!  Twitter has been leading me in all sorts of directions.  I kept reading about #augmentedreality on Twitter and thought that I should investigate further.   One day a read a tweet from a teacher that said you know it’s a good app when the children are asking for the name of it when walking out the door.  The app she was referring to was colARMix.   I decided to check out this free app and was I ever glad I did!  I printed off the free coloring pages and had my kids colour them.  Then I put my iphone over top of the picture and it came to life!  My entire family was amazed!  The bird came to life and started eating the worm on the page.  It was so cool.  I decided to upgrade and spend the $2.99 for more coloring pages.  I can see using these pages when working on writing with my students.  My daughter wants to use this colouring pages at her birthday party.

How could you use these pages in your classroom?

Do you use any other augmented reality apps/sites in your classroom?

Here is a video of my daughter and the hotair balloon colouring page.

Here is some articles and tweets:

Two Guys and some iPads write about some other augmented reality apps.

Here is are:  15 Sites and Apps for Augmented Reality.


6 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. Shannon, this colARMix app looks amazing! I can’t wait to share this with the teachers in my school division. M.J. Adams explains that creative writing activities where inventive spelling is required “helps develop phonemic awareness and promotes understanding of the alphabetic principle” which is so important for children learning to read (as cited in Allington, 2013, p.522). colARMix would motivate and inspire students in their creative writing which in turn would help them in their reading!

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  3. Total comment fail! My iPad and I were disagreeing. But I was trying to say that this is awesome! Such a cool app! I’ve heard of using QR codes or RFID to tie information to location. There just isn’t quite enough tie in yet to make it all work. So much programming and work goes on behind the background to make augmented reality work. It’s coming, but not quite as fast as people were predicting a couple years ago.

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