Another Way To Connect People With Books!

I am passionate about literacy and love sharing books. I get excited when I find tools that help people share books like the Goodreads app that I previously blogged about. A new website that has come to my attention is Basically bookcrossing is the world’s biggest library. You register your book, put a sticker inside and then leave your books anywhere in the world. People find the books, read them and release them. You can track the books progress on the website. You can also go to the website to locate books where you are. I have signed up for an account but I haven’t released any of my books yet.  I think I will do this with my own children and my grade class.

The bookcrossing website says: “don’t be ‘shelf’ish with your books – read and release!”
a) Wouldn’t this be a great project for students?
b) How to the children at your school share books? I know at our school we’ve done a book swap once a year and the kids love it. Bring a book and take a book.

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