Genius Hour

“Every student starts school with the unbounded imagination, curiosity, and creativity, — until he or she learns that knowing the right answer is far more important than asking a thoughtful question”  ~ Tony Wagner

“At the moment, instead of promoting creativity, I think we are systematically educating it out of our kids”  ~ Sir Ken Robinson

How can we fix this?  During my EC&I 831 class I learned about something called Genius Hour.

I wanted to further explore the research behind genius hour so I checked out a few of the book recommendations listed on the genius hour website.  Three of the ones that I have browsed through are:

Drive By Daniel Pink, Finding Your Element by Ken Robinson, and Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner.

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I love the idea about giving kids time to explore their passions.  I believe that we should be teaching how to learn not just what to learn.   By providing children opportunities like genius hour they can develop many skills.    Inquiry based, self-directed, and problem-based learning studies have shown that students are more motivated and engaged when they are given ownership of their learning.

I would like to get started on some genius hour projects in my classroom.  Here is a fabulous livebinder resource if you are interested in getting started with genius hour.

I think that this blog may be a safe place to share and reflect on my genius hour experiences.  I have made connections with a few other Genius Hour teachers on Twitter and through their blogs.  Here is a list of blogs by grade 2 teachers who are exploring Genius hour!

Many things I have read have said that the learning is in the journey and the reflection.   My question is how can we assess this?  Do Genius Hour projects need to be assessed?  How do we get our administrators/parents on board?

My next reads are:

The Passion-Driven Classroom by Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold  and Teach Like A Pirate: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator.

q1    q2

I am so excited to get started with my geniuses!!

5 thoughts on “Genius Hour

  1. Great video about Genius Hour Shannon! It ties nicely with the push for inquiry I’ve seen in most divisions recently. Let kids find something they are passionate about and let them present it in their own style. Similar to the projects we get to present in this class!

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