Reflecting on my PLN

For my EC &I 831 class we were required to develop a professional learning network (PLN).

During another class I had a classmate and colleague tell our class that we needed to get on Twitter.  I didn’t know why we needed to and I didn’t know what was so important.  I signed up for Twitter and found that I “wasted” time and on it.  I didn’t have a purpose as to why or what I was doing.  I followed a few people and found a few interesting things but then I lost interest.  Another colleague of mine confirmed that Twitter was a time waster so why should we bother.   A person who I admire and who holds a position of power tweeted this:


Well there I had it.  I shouldn’t be on Twitter.  I have young kids at home.  How dare I waste my time!

I am thankful that I had the chance to start using Twitter this term and I can now see why it is so important.  I have such a fabulous PLN that I can get information from.  They can answer my questions, encourage me, share their learning and so much more.  Who knew such a large and supportive PLN was right at my fingertips?   There are people who share the same passions that I do.  I get so many ideas and I am inspired.   I am connected with educators from all over the world.  No longer trying to make connections with only people at my school or division.  I have found new and exciting people to collaborate with and I will continue to network.  My PLN has grown and will continue to grow over time.

Telling staff to only tweet once or twice a day is like telling them to only read a paragraph of a page in a professional development book.  Tweeting is professional development anywhere, anytime.  Embrace it and tweet!

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