#Nerdlution starts tomorrow and runs until January 20th!  What is Nerdlution?  Basically you choose a habit and stick with it for 50 days.  You can share your journey on Twitter with other people who are doing the challenge. People are choosing to read, write and even making a point of being happy.

What is my Nerdlution?  I have been working on grad classes this semester and I have many professional nerdlution ideas.  I have been extremely focused on my mental health and I think it is time to focus on some other areas.


My physical health and my family are two areas that I have not been as focused on.  My nerdlution will be to do one thing for my health a day (exercise, cook a healthy meal, etc) and do one thing that betters my family relationship or household (making time to go skating, cleaning a space in our home, etc).   I have missed out on some fun family times since I have been doing homework so I am excited to make a conscious effort to focus on my loved ones.   I have tried to maintain balance.  I know that at times I have let my work take over. I want to set realistic goals that I know I will achieve so if I do more than one thing a day it is a bonus!   I have one more week of grad classes and a few assignments to go.  I am excited to get this journey started tomorrow even though I am a bit nervous. It’s hard to find a balance at crunch time.

I know that becoming more mindful and having a like minded support group on Twitter will help me to succeed!

What is your #Nerdlution?

Want more information or to see how it all started?  Read Chris Lehman’s FAQ blog for all the answers!